Our Rooms

Light and spacious

All our rooms feature traditional Japanese tatami flooring. The rooms are spacious and each room has its own private toilet, tv, table, heating and free wi-fi access.

About our rooms


Plenty of space for the whole family to spread out. At night you roll out your traditional futon on to the tatami area to sleep.


All guests have access to our amazing 100% natural hot spring baths. The perfect way to ease muscle ache and relax.

Everything you need

Snow Frog has everything you will need with in its walls. Great rooms, hot springs, a restaurant and bar area. You won't need to be anywhere else.




当館は100%天然温泉です。 筋肉痛等を和らげる効果もあり、日頃の疲れを温泉に浸かり癒して下さい。


ゆっくりお寛ぎ頂ける客室、天然温泉、レストラン、バーなど必要なものがすべてSnow Frogには揃っています。

"In Japanese Snow Frog is written as 雪帰る which means 'return to the snow'. Join us at the foot of Ikenotaira Onsen ski resort to experience some of the best snow in the world."

Private toilets

Each room at Snow Frog has its own private toilet.
Snow Frogの客室はすべて洗面所とトイレ付きです。

toilet and wash basin

Large & clean

Traditional Japanese rooms means lots of space for everyone to spread out and relax in.

Enjoy a real onsen

100% natural onsen from the depths of Mt Myoko. Ikenotairas onsen are known to have a blackish hue from the minerals in the water.
妙高山南地獄谷から湧き出る100%天然温泉。 池の平温泉は、ミネラル成分をたっぷり含んだ黒泥風呂としても知られています。

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