One of the huge bonuses of choosing to stay at Snow Frog are our 100% natural hot spring (onsen) baths. The water flows in unfiltered directly from the mountain. This hot mineral rich water is great for easing muscle ache and relaxing after a full day on the slopes.

The two onsen are rotated daily between males and females, so you will get to try both.

Did you know?

“The hot spring water in Ikenotaira area has a clear or black colour. The blackish tint comes from all the minerals that are naturally found in the water. It is these natural occurring minerals that make the baths so great for the skin and body.”

Private Toilets

All rooms have their own attached private toilet and wash basin.

toilet and wash basin
Yukatas and towels

Yukatas & Towels

Yukatas (Japanese robes) along with towels and futon sheets are waiting for you in your room.

Other Facilities

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Hotel wide, high speed wi-fi.

  • TV

    TV in all rooms.

  • Dry Room

    Get all your gear dry for the next day.

  • Credit Cards

    We accept credit cards for your convenience.

  • Drinks Available

    Coffee and tea available.

  • Heating

    Heaters in all rooms and central heating in the hotel.

  • Storage

    Extra luggage storage available.

  • Pick Up

    We offer a station pick up/drop off service.

  • Restaurant

    Eat at our delicious in house restaurant.

  • Bar

    Spend the evening at our in house bar.

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