Ski Resorts

Myoko is home to 10 different resorts. Each offering a different experience. While Ikenotaira Onsen is right on our doorstep the other resorts can easily be reached by using the winter bus service.


Ikenotaira has fantastic snowshoe courses. Set up and mapped out by Myoko visitor centre at Imori Pond these courses can be walked without a guide. Snowshoes can be rented for 1,000 yen a day from the visitor centre. These courses take you through the forests and are amazingly beautiful.

Imori Pond

Right on our doorstep, this is one of Myoko’s most famous tourist spots. The pond area changes with the seasons and is one of the most scenic spots in Myoko. Even in winter when the pond is covered with snow you can walk around the lake and take in the majestic Mt Myoko in the background.

Naena Waterfall

One of Japans 100 famous falls this thundering waterfall is a must-see spot. In winter if conditions are good you can snowshoe to the waterfall. We recommend using a guide if you plan to do this as they will know how to clear the stairs and bridges safely.

Cat Tours

For those who want to try something a bit different, take a cat tour to the top of some untouched slopes and ski down some fresh deep powder while taking in some incredible vistas of the Myoko mountain range.

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